Blasts From My Past

I used to blog quite a bit and I’d like to get back into it more often. I’m quite proud of my blogs but they’re broken to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the blog. Broken links are everywhere, pictures are missing and in some cases the posts were just personal. Personal posts are great for the time and I don’t want to lose them, but they’re also not something I want on my new site.

So I’ve decided to migrate the ones I’ve found clever or interesting. This doesn’t mean that the overtly personal posts aren’t great but just that they’re nothing to brag about. They’re not what I would call “Gems”.  It’s those gems that I’m going to be bringing here.  I may comment on them or just leave them be.  I’ll be giving them their original dates as well. Oh, and reading over them after 10 years, let me say how glad I am that none of my coworkers read my blog back then.


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