CVS Decides it Knows More Than Physicians

CVS has decided that it will only fill opioid prescriptions for short term pain for up to 7 days.

This really ticks me off. For starters, I know that this is for short-term pain and it wouldn't directly affect my family, if we actually went to CVS. But that's not my point.

When I voted for the first medical marijuana law in the nation when I lived in California, I didn't do it because I approved of its use. I didn't do it because I believed it was an effective medication for anything. I did it solely because I believe a doctor should be free to prescribe whatever they feel will work without interference. I still feel that way.

Who the heck is CVS to second-guess a physician and unilaterally decide that 7 days is long enough? Are some doctors over-prescribing? Certainly. The answer is to GO AFTER THOSE DOCTORS. CVS' job isn't to evaluate a licensed medical doctor's treatment. It's to fill the prescriptions.

The problem is that once again, some people who abuse opioids make it more difficult for those who have a genuine need for that medication.

When referring to my wife’s pain medication, I once had a person tell me, "There are always alternatives." I responded, "Who are you to second-guess my wife's doctor who has decades of experience and is double-board certified, AND does try alternative and has done several procedures?!"

It's ridiculous when you can't go to a pharmacy and fill legitimate prescriptions without pharmacists actually LYING about whether they have it (and yes, they were lying, a different pharmacist confirmed that) and/or look at you like you're a crackhead!

A doctor should be able to write whatever he feels is necessary and the patient should be able to get it filled. That's why we license doctors. That's why we license pharmacists. If they really want to do things to help, investigate and DO SOMETHING about so-called pill mills and the doctors. If 90% of a doctor's practice involves writing schedule 3 and 2 prescriptions, maybe that doctor is a problem. Research delivery methods that limit the potential for resale and/or abuse.

But the opioid witch hunt really isn't helping anyone right now and the only ones it's affecting are those patients with GOOD doctors and a legitimate need for chronic pain relief.

In the mean time, I'll just stop going to CVS.