Rudeness Isn’t Supposed to be Funny

Something that has always bothered me is when people find a total lack of courtesy to be funny.  The first instance that comes to mind is a number of years back when the family of a little brat won $10,000 on Funniest Home Videos because this little kid said to a Santa upon whose lap he was sitting, "You have bad breath!"  He was being a brat.  Instead of being mortified, the parents thought it was funny and sent the tape in.  Apparently enough other people thought it was funny to vote for them to win.  I personally think that self-centered and bratty kids grow up to be self-centered and rude adults.

It appears that I am right.  There is a site called Regiftable where people share funny stories of how they were rude to someone by giving as a present a gift that they didn't want.  This practice (popularized with the term "regifting" on Seinfeld) mocks the notion that "it's the thought that counts".  I find the practice to be sad, rude, and inconsiderate.  I don't know who is being insulted the most.  Is it the giver because he is having his gift rejected or the receiver because she obviously isn't even getting the courtesy of a well-thought out gift.

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