ADD Awareness

September 20, 2006 is ADHD Awareness Day.
Please honor those of us with ADD by participating in this day. Some things you can do to participate:

  • Forget something important.
  • Go off on 4 separate tangents in a single conversation.
  • Do something impulsive that might get you hurt and/or arrested.
  • Start 4 projects and don't finish any of them.
  • Giggle uncontrollably during a serious situation.
  • Tap a pencil or your foot rapidly and loudly until at least 3 people get annoyed with you.
  • Start a conversation with someone but halfway through start watching TV but insist you were listening.
By doing these things, you will pay tribute to those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder.
Another way to honor this day is to forget to honor it which those of us with ADD will do anyway.

1 comment:

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